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Bible Margin Links

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Select the File menu and click Preferences. Select the Bible Margin Links page.


Here you may select which library modules are included in the margin area of the Bible panel. The purpose of this preference is to reduce "clutter" in the displays by  only showing links you are interested in.


Simply uncheck any library items you are not interested in having linked in the Bible margin area, and check items you do want to have linked.


Note that you can still access all of these modules with the menus and tabs throughout the program, as well as still being able to use them in the Topic and Verse Guides. This preference only limits which modules are included in linking in the Verse List and Bible panels. Finally, the display of different kinds of links can be completely suppressed with the toggles on the Bible and Verse List toolbars.


Using Module Sets to control Bible Margin Links


The SwordSearcher Module Sets system can be used to quickly switch between different preferred groups of Bible margin links. See the section on Module Sets for more information.