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Building SwordSearcher Modules with Forge

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For most users, SwordSearcher's built-in user module features are more than enough for creating content in SwordSearcher.  However, authors, publishers, and power users can take module creation for SwordSearcher to the next level with Forge, an external module building tool.


Forge For SwordSearcher is a utility that authors, publishers, and power users can use to create SwordSearcher library modules from source files. If you're interested, please see the Forge for SwordSearcher website.


What Forge Does:


Forge takes a source file containing specially formatted text and builds SwordSearcher commentary, book, or Bible modules. Forge can compile read-only or user-editable modules.


There are no licensing fees to use Forge to publish your text in SwordSearcher format, and Forge is a completely free utility.


See the Forge for SwordSearcher website for complete details and to download Forge.