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Creating a Reading Plan

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To add a new reading plan to your schedule, select Add a New Reading Plan to the Schedule from the Devotional menu.


Sample Devotional Menu

Sample Devotional Menu


There are two ways to add a reading plan. You may schedule a Standard "Bible in a Year" plan, or, you can Design a Custom Reading Plan.


Sample of the Create a Reading Plan window

Sample of the Create a Reading Plan window


Standard Bible in a Year Plan


The Standard Bible in a Year plan will take you through the entire Bible in a year, reading from the Old and New Testaments each day. This plan averages 12 minutes a day for reading.


To begin a "Bible in a Year" plan, select the Standard Bible in a Year Plan option, then click Next.


On the next page you can see a preview of the daily readings in the plan. Click Next.


On the final page, you can give your reading plan a unique title, and select a beginning or ending date of the plan. By default, the plan will be scheduled to begin today. It's easy to select a different starting date for the plan under First Day of Plan.


Click Save, and you're done! Your annual Bible plan is now scheduled and you can start reading the daily items.


Designing a Custom Plan


Want to read Acts by Friday? Or how about the five books of Moses before the end of next month?


Or do you want to spend 5 minutes reading from the Gospels every day?


Easy! Let SwordSearcher help you design a custom reading plan to suit your needs.


See Designing Custom Reading Plans for a walk-through.


Using a Previously Designed Custom Reading Plan Again


If you have a plan you want to schedule again, that's easy to do. Just choose the "Previously Designed Custom Plan" option and you can start a new schedule with new dates.


Importing Templates


If you have a SwordSearcher reading plan template file from another SwordSearcher user, you can click the Import Template from File to load the plan template and schedule it. Templates can be exported from the Reading Schedule Manager and shared with other SwordSearcher users.