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Appendix: Keyboard Shortcuts

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SwordSearcher has many keyboard shortcuts to quickly perform functions without using the mouse. Certain tasks will always require some use of the mouse, but advanced users who like to stick to the keyboard as much as possible will benefit from the many keyboard shortcuts provided in SwordSearcher.


Here is a list of the keyboard shortcuts SwordSearcher's main user interface responds to. This is not a comprehensive list of SwordSearcher's functions, just a list of keyboard shortcuts for functions that have keyboard shortcuts.


"Edit" commands:


Ctrl+C: Copy selected text
F5: Copy verse(s) to clipboard
F7: Copy all verses from Verse List panel
Shift+F7: Copy all references from Verse List panel
F8: Copy all verses from Bible panel
Ctrl+Alt+V: From another application, such as MS Word, opens the Copy Verses dialog in SwordSearcher and automatically pastes the selected verse reference.


"Search" commands:


F2: Search Bible dialog
F3: Quick Search in active Book
F4: Quick Search in active Commentary
Ctrl+F: Search text displayed in focused panel (does not search entire module)
Alt+T: Open Topic and Verse Guide
Alt+L: Full Library Search dialog
Ctrl+F2: Open English-Strong's Indexer
Shift+Alt+T: Open Library Table of Contents tool
Alt+F5: Open Scan Text for Verse References tool
Alt+F2: Search KJV Words of Christ




Access bookmarks with Ctrl+#, where # is the number of the bookmark you want to go to. Press Ctrl+1 for bookmark number 1, or Ctrl+0 for bookmark number 10. Set bookmarks with Shift+Ctrl+# in the same manner.


"Library Tabs" commands:


Alt+F11: Show all tabs
Alt+F12: Show only selected tabs


"View and Layout" commands:


F9: Close active Search Result panel
Ctrl+F9: Close all open Search Result panels
Ctrl+Alt+F9: Close all open Clone panels.
F10: Show/Hide Bible panel
F11: Show/Hide Book and Dictionary panel
F12: Show/Hide Commentary Panel
Alt+A: Restore layout and panel sizes
Shift+F9: Maximize active Search Results panel
Shift+F10: Maximize Bible panel
Shift+F11: Maximize Book and Dictionary panel
Shift+F12: Maximize Commentary panel
Ctrl+]: Increase text display font sizes
Ctrl+[: Decrease text display font sizes
Ctrl++: Increase zoom level
Ctrl+-: Decrease zoom level
Ctrl+Alt+0: Reset zoom level to 100%


Bible Panel commands:


Alt+PgDn: Next chapter
Alt+PgUp: Previous chapter
Alt+Down: Next verse (based on "active verse" as shown in Go To Verse toolbar)
Alt+Up: Previous verse (based on "active verse" as shown in Go To Verse toolbar)
Alt+F10: Toggle display of margin area
Ctrl+H: Apply default highlighting to selected text.


Set Keyboard Focus:


F6 or Alt+G or Shift+F2: Set keyboard focus to Go To Verse and Search toolbar
Alt+1: Set keyboard focus to Verse List panel
Alt+2: Set keyboard focus to Bible panel
Alt+3: Set keyboard focus to Book panel
Alt+4: Set keyboard focus to Commentary panel




Ctrl+M: Select a module with the Module Selection Tool
Ctrl+F10: Select Bible module with Module Selection Tool
Ctrl+F11: Select Book module with Module Selection Tool
Ctrl+F12: Select Commentary module with Module Selection Tool
Shift+F5: Display Verse(s) (loads user specified verses into a Verse List panel)
F1: Open help file
Shift+Ctrl+F10: Next Bible version tab
Shift+Ctrl+F11: Next highlighted Book tab
Shift+Ctrl+F12: Next highlighted Commentary tab
+/- (while focused on panel with highlighted search results showing): Cycle through highlighted search results
Alt+F4: Exit SwordSearcher
Ctrl+Alt+F4: Exit SwordSearcher without saving layout (used for troubleshooting purposes)
Alt+Up/Down: Decrements/Increments active Bible panel verse and performs "Go To Verse" events.
Alt+Left/Right: Navigate the back/forward history list in the focused panel.
Pause/Ctrl+Space: Pause/Resume Bible audio playback, or start Bible panel chapter playback.


Search Bible dialog: only when Search Bible dialog (F2) is open


Alt+M: Manually enter search range.