SwordSearcher 7 Help
How to Start Studying a Verse
How to Search the Bible
Using the Bible Margin Links
Main Window and Panels
The Bible Panel
The Books & Dictionaries Panel
The Commentary Panel
The Search Results Panels
Verse List (Bible Search Results)
Verse Guide
Library Search Results
The Main Window Toolbar
Managing Library Tabs
Searching and Indexing
Search Bible Dialog
Word List Dialog
Proximity Search
Character String Search
Regular Expression Search
Full Library Search Dialog
Search KJV Words of Christ Dialog
Advanced Search Expressions
Topic and Verse Guide
Module Selection Tool
English-Strong's Indexer
Library Table of Contents
Find Related Verses
Bible Word Cloud Generator
Passage Analysis
Reference Pattern Search
The King James Version with Strong's Links
Scan Text for Verse References
Copying and Exporting Text
Configuring Verse Formatting
Copying Verses to the Clipboard
Automatically Pasting Verses into Other Applications
Copying Book and Commentary Entries to the Clipboard
Printing Verses
Printing Book and Commentary Entries
Module Sets
The Image Viewer
Devotional Functions
Reading Schedules
Creating a Reading Plan
Designing Custom Reading Plans
The Reading Schedule Window
Reading Schedule Manager
Using Bookmarks
Creating Your Own Books and Commentaries
Using the Editor
Verse Links and Links to Other Resources in User Entries
Bible Study and Sermon Preparation in User Books
Using the Code Editor
User Module Storage and Sharing
Exporting and Printing User Content
Advanced User Module Maintenance
Importing Modules from Previous Versions
Building SwordSearcher Modules with Forge
Preferences (Options and Settings)
Fonts and Colors
Library Tabs Appearance
Visible Library Tabs
Bible Margin Links
Verse Widgets
Text Display Options
Misc. Options
Layout Options
Sync Options
StudyClick Options
Bible Book Abbreviations
Module File Locations
Panel Layout
Using the pre-set layout styles
Resizing, Maximizing, and Hiding the panels
Advanced: Customizing the layout
Even more advanced: Auto Hide
Clone Panels
Bible Audio Support
Appendix: Keyboard Shortcuts
Appendix: Standard Bible Book Abbreviations
Appendix: SwordSearcher URL Protocol

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