Exporting and Printing User Content

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Exporting and Printing User Content

When you create your own Books and Commentaries in SwordSearcher, your content is not "captive" to SwordSearcher.


Printing your user Book or Commentary


To print just one entry, such as for a Bible study handout: Make the entry visible on the Book or Commentary panel, then right-click the panel and select Print This Window. (Alternatively, you can select the corresponding Print function on the main File menu.) You will be prompted to specify how many copies you wish to print and what printer to use.


To print your entire Book or Commentary: Use the Print Entire User Book/Commentary items on the main SwordSearcher User menu.


Exporting your user Book or Commentary


If you need to get your Book or Commentary into an external file, you can use the Export functions in the Advanced User Module Maintenance window.