Proximity Search

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Proximity Search

Proximity Search is a specialized search type on the Search Bible dialog.


Sample Search Bible dialog showing Proximity page

Sample Search Bible dialog showing Proximity page



A Proximity Search finds words near each other but separated by verses.


In the example above, we want to find passages in the KJV that contain the word Paul within 5 verses of the word church. This search would find verses like Acts 15:22, which contain both words, and would also find passages like Acts 14:19-23, which contain both words but not in the same verse.


Chapter Boundaries defines how SwordSearcher should treat chapters during a proximity search.


Find within N verses in same chapter performs a proximity search that only returns results within the same chapter and within the number of verses specified under Search Text.


Find within same chapter performs a search that finds results that appear within any number of verses as long as they are in the same chapter.


Ignore chapter boundaries performs a search that returns results within the number of verses specified without regard for chapter boundaries.


Search Options and Search Range for Proximity Search work the same as they do in Normal Searches.


Search Text in Proximity Searching supports Advanced Search Expressions.