Searching and Indexing

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Searching and Indexing

Quick Search Functions


You can quickly perform a Bible search with the Go to Verse and Search Toolbar.


You can quickly search the active Book with Quick Search in Active Book on the Search Menu or Book panel toolbar.


You can quickly search the active Commentary with Quick Search in Active Commentary on the Search Menu or Commentary panel toolbar.


You can search the text displayed in a panel without searching the entire module with Find in Focused Panel Text on the Search Menu.


More Detailed Search Functions


The Search Bible dialog provides you with all of the tools and control you need to search Bible text. It can even help you search for words you're not sure know how to spell, or find words near each other but not in the same verse.


The Quick Concordance is convenient way to perform quick, "on-the-side" Bible searches without opening new verse list panels.


The Full Library Search dialog searches all or part of the entire SwordSearcher library at once, including Bibles, Books & Dictionaries, and Commentaries.


The Search KJV Words of Christ dialog does a Bible search restricted to the "red letter" words (KJV Bible module only).


The Find Related Verses dialog helps you to delve into a verse or passage, seeing how its words are used throughout the Bible.


Passage Analysis gives you details on any portion of Scripture you choose (such as the Old Testament or Pauline Epistles), including number verses, number of words, most frequent words, most unique words, etc.


The Reference Pattern Search dialog shows you verses matching patterns like "every 10th verse of a chapter."


If you need even more searching power, the Quick Bible Search toolbar, Search Bible dialog, Search Words of Christ dialog, and Full Library Search all support SwordSearcher's Advanced Search Expression Syntax.


Visualization Tools


The Bible Word Cloud Generator is a compelling visual tool that can help you see words emphasized in a particular portion of Scripture.


Bible Word Trees are fascinating visualizations of Biblical word and phrase usage and connections.


Indexing Tools


A Verse Guide panel shows you all of the library material that references a particular verse or passage. It's a great way to conduct a verse-centric study and still be able to access topical information as well as cross-referenced material. You can open a Verse Guide panel with the Go to Verse and Search Toolbar or by right-clicking a verse in the Bible panel and selecting Verse Guide.


The Topic and Verse Guide includes the functionality of a Verse Guide panel and adds the ability to create a dynamic index of all Books and Dictionaries for a given topic.


The English-Strong's Indexer is a word-study tool that works much like the Young's Analytical Concordance.


The Library Table of Contents is a central location to view the entire installed library index.


Displaying Verse References


Select Display Verses on the Search menu to open and load a Verse List with one or more verse references.


The Scan Text for Verse References tool hot-links verse references in any text you provide, such as a document from a web page. It can also be used to load a longer list of verse reference into a Verse List.




Use the KJV-TSK Bible tab for convenient access to over 800,000 cross-references.


Strong's Numbers


The King James Version with Strong's Links is a special Bible module in SwordSearcher that includes links to Strong's definitions of Hebrew and Greek words in the text. The KJVSL is searchable by Strong's numbers as well.