Library Tabs: Visible Tabs

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Library Tabs: Visible Tabs

Select the File menu and click Preferences. Select the Library Tabs: Visible Tabs page.


(You can also use the Tabs menu or the Layout and Tabs toolbar to access this preferences page.)


Here you can select which library resource tabs you want to be visible.  By default (when SwordSearcher is installed), most tabs are visible.  If you are uninterested in certain modules, such as non-English Bible texts, you can deselect them from the list and their tabs will be hidden, saving screen space and reducing clutter.


Note that these selections only affect which tabs are shown on your screen.  It does not remove modules.  You can still access modules with hidden tabs on the program menus (Bibles, Books, Commentaries) and within the program (margin links, Topic and Verse Guides, etc).  If a library resource is to be displayed that has a hidden tab, the tab is "unhidden" at that point.


You must have at least one visible tab in each category, and the KJV tab cannot be hidden.


See Managing Library Tabs for more information. The Module Selection Tool can also be used to toggle tab visibility.


Using Module Sets to control Visible Tabs


The SwordSearcher Module Sets system can be used to quickly switch between different preferred groups of visible library tabs. See the section on Module Sets for more information.