Preferences (Options and Settings)

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Preferences (Options and Settings)

The Preferences Dialog is where many of SwordSearcher's settings can be changed to suit your personal tastes, such as fonts, colors, etc.


To access the Preferences Dialog, select Preferences from the File menu.


Opening the Preferences Dialog

Opening the Preferences Dialog



The Preferences Dialog has several pages:


Fonts and Colors

Library Tabs

oTab Appearance

oVisible Tabs

Bible and Verse List Panels

oBible Margin Links

oVerse Widgets

oVerse List Panel Defaults

oAdditional Options

Verse Links

StudyClick Options

Sync Options

Layout Options

Misc. Options

Bible Book Abbreviations

Module Shortcuts

Module File Locations


Saving and Loading Settings


Select the Save, Load, or Restore Settings option on the File menu to save or load settings to a portable file. The settings file can be used on another computer or as a backup to load your preferences such as Module Sets, Fonts and Colors, custom Bible book abbreviations, etc. Also, SwordSearcher keeps a history of your settings as backups in case you accidentally delete something important such as a Module Set.