Automatically Pasting Verses into Other Applications

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Automatically Pasting Verses into Other Applications

While SwordSearcher is running in the background, pressing Ctrl+Alt+V will open SwordSearcher's Copy Verses dialog, then automatically paste the selected verses into the application with the Windows clipboard.


For example, while SwordSearcher is running, run MS Word and open a new document. While editing in MS Word, type Ctrl+Alt+V (all at the same time). The SwordSearcher Copy Verses dialog becomes visible. Type a verse reference, such as Joh 3:16, then press Enter. MS Word now becomes active again, and SwordSearcher automatically sends the paste command to MS Word and the verse is now part of your document.


Notes and limitations


SwordSearcher must be running for the Ctrl+Alt+V hotkey to work.


The hotkey will not work in SwordSearcher if another application has already "hooked" the Ctrl+Alt+V hotkey to a function.


The application you are working in must support the standard Ctrl+V command for pasting from the Windows clipboard in order for the verse(s) to be automatically pasted.


Not all applications are compatible with this feature.


This function can be disabled in Preferences.