Misc. Options

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Misc. Options

Select the File menu and click Preferences. Select the Misc. Options page.


Search Bible Window Default Bible Module determines which Bible version is set for searching in the Search Bible Dialog when it is opened. Select Last Searched Bible Version to have the dialog set to search the last Bible version you performed a search on. Select Active Bible Version to have the dialog set to search whichever Bible version is currently active in the Bible panel. This setting has no effect on the Search toolbar, which always uses the active Bible version in the Bible panel.


You can still change the search version in the Search Bible Dialog once it opens. This setting only defines what version it will initially be set to.


Search Boxes and Search Toolbar


When Clear History... is checked, SwordSearcher will not save history lists between sessions for Bible searches, Full Library searches, etc. Essentially, any of the entry boxes that offer a pull-down history list of previously entered text will be erased when you close SwordSearcher.


Advanced Clipboard Settings


When Use system-wide hotkey for auto verse copy+paste is toggled on, the Ctrl+Alt+V hotkey will work outside of SwordSearcher to automatically paste verses into other applications, as long as SwordSearcher is running in the background.  See Automatically pasting verses into another application for details.


The option When copying a reference list from a Verse List panel, put the book tag on each new chapter reference is used when using the Copy Verses References option in Verse List panels. For example, if you do a search for "love," the first three results are in Genesis, and by default, the reference list would be copied with each chapter appearing thus: "Ge 27:4; Ge 29:20,32;..." If you disable this option, the first three references would be consolidated like this: "Ge 27:4; 29:20,32;..." It is recommended that this be left on the default (enabled) setting for improved readability.


When Use plain-text clipboard copy with marked text in displays is toggled on, text copied to the clipboard by marking with the mouse will always be in plain format. Use this to prevent formatting styles from being inserted with the text when you paste into a word processing document. This can also solve compatibility issues with some programs that do not properly handle HTML clipboard objects.


KJV Version Tag for Export (Copy, Print, etc.)


This allows you to change the version tag for copy/export functions of the KJV module and works in conjunction with the "include version tag" option in Configuring Verse Formatting. You can choose from KJV, KJB, and AV. This only affects text copied as described in Copying Verses to the Clipboard and does not change the Bible module tab caption.


Enhancements for Touch Input and Visual Impairment


These options are primarily intended to improve the user interface when using touch input monitors or tablet/slate PCs. They may also be useful to improve the experience for users with vision problems.


Increase line spacing in panel text adds space between lines of text in the Bible, Verse List, Book, and Commentary panels. (This makes tapping verse links with your finger easier).


Temporarily use touch-size splitters can also be selected on the main View menu and is used to make it possible to re-size panels with finger input, without a mouse or stylus.


Checking for Updates controls how often (and if) SwordSearcher will offer to check for updates.