Copying and Exporting Text

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Copying and Exporting Text

SwordSearcher provides several functions for copying, printing, and exporting text.


Copying Verses and Text to the Windows Clipboard


The Bible, Book, Commentary, and Verse List panels all support copying text by marking with the mouse and pressing Ctrl+C.


A Copy Verse Verse Widget in Bible and Verse List panels makes it easy to copy a verse you see with just one click.


For Bible verses, you will usually want to use one of the specific verse copy functions, which allow you to control the formatting of the verse output, and also alleviate the need to mark any text at all. See Copying Verses to the Clipboard for details. SwordSearcher can also be used on standby to automatically paste Bible verses into other applications such as email and word processing documents. See Automatically Pasting Verses into Other Applications. Using these methods to copy verses allows you to control the formatting of the verse output.


Printing Text


The Bible, Book, Commentary, and Verse List panels each have a Print This Window item on their right-click pop-up menus that prints out the text from the panel exactly as it appears on your screen.


The File menu has several self-explanatory print functions.


For printing verses specifically, see Printing Verses. For printing more than one Book or Commentary entry at once, see Printing Book and Commentary Entries.


Exporting Text to Files


You can export verses to a file much in the same manner as copying to the clipboard by using the Export Verses... functions on the File menu.