Bible Study and Sermon Preparation in User Books

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Bible Study and Sermon Preparation in User Books

A user-created Book module is the ideal place to store, create, and edit Bible study guides, handouts, and sermon notes.


For example, you could create a user Book module called "BibStudy" to hold all of your Bible study class handouts. Don't create a new book for each Bible study -- instead, create new entries in the BibStudy module for each study. Not only is SwordSearcher the perfect environment for building Bible studies and sermon notes, it is also very handy to have all of your past notes in SwordSearcher and completely indexed for the Verse Guide and Topic Guide, and they can be instantly searched.


To print an entry as a handout, just make the entry visible in the Book or Commentary panel, then right-click the panel and select "Print this window."  You can tell SwordSearcher how many copies to print.  (Alternatively, you can use the appropriate Print item on the File menu.)


Tips for creating Bible study handouts


When you create an entry in a user book, SwordSearcher automatically links verse references in the entry text.  This is perfect for when you are using SwordSearcher, but mere links are less than ideal when you want to print the entry to use as a handout.


The user editor has the ideal feature for just this case: The Insert Text for Verse References at Cursor function (Ctrl+T). All you have to do is type a verse reference and then press Ctrl+T, and the text of the verse(s) is inserted directly into the entry. This way, when you print it out, the complete text of the reference is right there on the page.