Passage Analysis

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Passage Analysis

The Passage Analysis window gives you interesting details on any portion of Scripture you specify, such as the Old Testament, Pauline Epistles, a book, chapter, or verses.


Open the Passage Analysis window from the Search menu, or right-click the Bible panel and select Passage Analysis.


Sample Passage Analysis window

Sample Passage Analysis window


Under Passage you can type or select a passage to analyze, including the entire Bible. Use the pull-down menu to select from several predefined sections of the Bible.


Details Provided


The list of details depends on the passage being analyzed, and will include several or all of the following:


Canonical verse numbers: This is the range of "global" verse numbers analyzed, where 1 is Genesis 1:1 and 31,102 is Revelation 22:21. To learn the global verse number for a particular verse, type the verse into the Passage box to analyze just that verse. (See also Reference Pattern Search for more details on verse numbers.)


Scope Contains: Lists the total count of books, total count of chapters, and total count of verses in the passage. Also lists the total number of words. In Romans through Philemon in the KJV, there are 43,490 total words and 3156 unique words. In this context, "unique words" means the number of words in the passage without counting multiple uses of each word.


Read-aloud time: The estimated reading time for the passage. This figure is based on Alexander Scourby's narration of the King James Bible, and is a good gauge of the time required to read verses in a natural, narrative manner. Most people will read silently in less time than this figure.


Versification: breaks down the passage listing most and fewest chapters in a book, most and fewest verses in a book, most and fewest verses in a chapter, with links to the text.


Words: breaks down the passage listing most and fewest words in a book, chapter, and verse, with links to the text.


Click See Complete Word List to view an exhaustive list of all of the words in the passage, which can be sorted alphabetically, by frequency, or by "Passage Uniqueness" (see below).


Top Words: lists the most common words in the passage. For English texts, common words such as "the" and "a" are excluded from the Top Words list.


Most Distinctive: lists the most "unique" words relative to the rest of the Bible. Words that appear only in the analyzed passage will score 100%, with the score diminishing as words are more often found in other passages.