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Reference Pattern Search

The Reference Pattern Search dialog finds verses by a pattern, such as "every fifth verse in each chapter."


Sample Reference Pattern Search dialog

Sample Reference Pattern Search dialog


Open the Reference Pattern Search dialog on the main Search menu under Reference Pattern Search.


Scope limits the pattern search to a specific Testament, Book, or passage.


There are several patterns to choose from. Enter the numerical value into the pattern you want to examine, and click the Go button next to the pattern. All of the verses in the pattern will be loaded into a Verse List.


Most of the patterns are "Nth verse" patterns where you specify N. For example, you can find the 100th verse of each book by using Find the Nth verse of each book with a value of 100 and clicking Go.


Find references in each book matching Chapter:Verse finds every C:V in the Bible. For example, you can see every 3:16 of each book with this pattern search.


Find the last verse of each chapter and Find the last verse of each book load a verse list with the respective verses.


Find N random verses isn't actually a "reference pattern." This function generates a random list of verses in the selected scope.  You might try this if you are looking for something to start studying and want help getting ideas.


The usefulness of this information is left to the Bible student to determine. Most of the search functions are provided primarily as a means of fact-checking teachings regarding verse patterns in Scripture. Over the years, many claims have been made about such patterns, and this tool can be used to check these claims.


From Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21 is 31,102 verses. Use this to help determine certain points, like "the middle verse." Since there are an even number of verses in the KJV canon, there is no "middle verse," making the middle verses #15,551 and #15,552. Entering 15551 in Find the Nth verse with a Scope of "Entire Bible" shows Psalm 103:1, meaning the two middle verses of the Bible are Psalm 103:1-2. (The author of this manual makes no claims regarding the usefulness of this information, but presents it as an example of how one might fact-check a claim based on such data.)


Note that regardless of Bible version, SwordSearcher always uses the standard versification of the KJV canon.