Fonts and Colors

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Fonts and Colors

Select the File menu and click Preferences. Select the Fonts and Colors page.


Default text settings controls the font and colors used to display the text in Bible, Verse List, Book, and Commentary panels. The Search Highlight color is used to highlight the "found" words when you do a search, or the verse links in an entry when you are using the Verse Guide. You can click the Set individual panel properties link to adjust fonts and colors for individual panels (Bible, Book, Commentary, and Verse List) if desired. Underline links can be turned off if you do not want links to be underlined.


Set fonts and colors for each panel: click Set individual panel properties if you want to specify different font settings for the Book, Commentary, Bible, and Verse List Panels. Otherwise, they will all use the same settings, under Default Text Settings.


Bible margin, Strong's links, and Bible Panel Active Verse controls the colors used for the various links in the Bible panel margin area. Strong's Links are used in the KJVSL Bible module. The Margin Font Size setting is for the Bible panel margin area, and is proportional to the default text size setting. The Highlight Active Verse color is used to highlight the active verse in the Bible panel, and can be disabled.


Pop-up verse text and tooltips controls the font and colors used in the "flyover" pop-up displays for control hints and verse links. (When you hold your mouse over a verse link, these are the settings used to pop up the verse text.)


Zooming Tip:

You can temporarily zoom in and out on a text panel by holding down the CTRL button and rolling the mouse wheel over the panel text. See Zooming.


Fonts for Treeviews and the Module Selection Tool


You can customize the font used to display text in the Module Selection Tool, and "Treeview" lists like the Topic and Verse Guide. Click the Set individual panel properties link and configure the Treeviews and Module Selector Tool section.


About High Contrast Mode in Windows


SwordSearcher supports the special High Contrast Mode available in Windows 8 and later. However, many of these color settings are ignored when Windows is in High Contrast Mode. See Microsoft's documentation on High Contrast Mode for more information.


About Color Modes and These Settings


Color choices are saved for the active Color Mode (Light/Dark) when you set them. Additionally, if you use the option to set specific fonts and sizes on an individual panel basis, those choices are all stored for the active color mode.


When you change color modes (such as going from Light mode to Dark mode), your previously chosen colors for that mode will become active again, etc.


Please see the Color Mode section for more information.