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The King James Version with Strong's Links

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The King James Version with Strong's Links (KJVSL) is a special Bible module in SwordSearcher that includes links to Strong's definitions of Hebrew and Greek words in the text. The KJVSL is searchable by Strong's numbers as well.


The explanation of the KJVSL also applies to the Spanish module SRVSL.


To view the KJVSL, click the KJVSL tab in the Bible panel, or select it on the Bible menu.


Sample of the KJVSL Bible module, showing pop-up Strong's definition

Sample of the KJVSL Bible module, showing pop-up Strong's definition


(Note: The definition portion of the pop-up is not included in the evaluation version.)


Holding the mouse pointer over a Greek or Hebrew link will pop-up the Strong's definition of that word. You can click on the link to be taken directly to that entry in the corresponding lexicon in the Book panel.


Searching for Strong's Links/Numbers


You can perform searches in the KJVSL for Strong's Links. Searches are performed like regular searches except that instead of typing a word to search for, you type a G or H followed by the Strong's Number. So to search for other occurrences of the Strong's Link λογος, you would search for G3056. a G prefixes Greek Strong's numbers, and an H prefixes Hebrew Strong's numbers. You can get the Strong's number for a Strong's Link by simply holding your mouse pointer over the link.


If you right-click on a Strong's link in the Bible panel, the pop-up menu adds a function for searching for that Hebrew or Greek word:


Sample right-click menu for a Strong's link

Sample right-click menu for a Strong's link


Clicking Search Bible for G3056 would open the Search Bible dialog with the appropriate search text filled in. You can also type a Strong's number (such as G3056) directly into the Search toolbar (with the KJVSL active) to perform the same search.


Note that you can search the KJV for Strong's numbers as well. If you search the KJV for a Strong's number, the results will show the English words for the Strong's link.


A word of caution about the KJVSL


The KJVSL is not a true interlinear Bible. Not all Strong's Links actually map to the direct Hebrew or Greek word that is found in the original language on a particular verse. This is due to the fact that Strong's Lexicon does not include every form of the Hebrew or Greek words that appeared in the original language texts. So while the Strong's Links and lexicon are useful tools, they are not here to help anyone "retranslate" the Bible. If you need to read the actual Greek or Hebrew text of the Bible, use the Textus Receptus (TR) Bible text. Remember also that Strong's lexicon definitions are glosses, not thorough definitions.