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Reading Schedule Manager

The Reading Schedule Manager is where you can print, rename, delete, and reschedule plans. This is not where you do your daily reading. Use the Reading Schedule window to do your daily readings.


Open the Reading Schedule Manager from the Devotional menu. It looks like this:


Sample Reading Schedule Manager window

Sample Reading Schedule Manager window



Plans and Templates


Under "Plans and Templates" you can see your plans.


Active Plans are any plans that you have scheduled and not completed. Completed Plans are plans for which you have completed all of the daily readings. Templates from Custom Plans are "unscheduled" plan templates that are created any time you make a custom reading plan.


Click on a plan under Plans and Templates to see its details in the plan details area.


Plan Details


The details area shows you the complete plan. In addition to reviewing the plan, you can change the completion state of a day or reading anywhere in the plan.


Right-click a day, or an individual reading, for handy options:


Plan details right-click menu

Plan details right-click menu


Changes you make in the plan details area are saved immediately.


With a plan selected, the Plan Options button brings up the following options:


Plan options

Plan options


Use Reschedule This Plan to manually reschedule the plan with a new starting or ending date. This can also be used to automatically reschedule the plan so that you are not behind. In either case, your completed readings will be remembered. Only the starting date of the plan is changed.


Rename and Delete are self-explanatory. Deleting a plan is permanent and cannot be undone.


If you want to suspend a reading plan and remove it from your daily reading schedule, select Deactivate Plan. Deactivated plans retain your progress and can be re-activated or re-scheduled when you wish.


Print Plan prints the entire plan including its current state -- with check boxes filled in for completed readings, and empty check boxes for readings that have not been completed. If you print a template, the printout will not include specific dates and all of the check boxes will be empty.


Printing your reading schedule


Printing the Schedule

Printing the Schedule


You can print your reading schedule, which includes all of the active plans.


The main purpose of this function is to allow you to continue reading from your schedule for an extended time away from your computer. For example, if you are going on vacation for a week, you can print your schedule to continue reading from your printed Bible while you are gone. Then when you return, you can use the Reading Schedule Manager to reconcile your plans by marking days read in the details area.


Saving a Plan Template File


If you have created a custom reading plan, an "empty" unscheduled version of your plan is available as a "template" so that you can quickly schedule the plan again in the future. Additionally, you can export custom plans to a template file using the Plan Options menu. Select the template from the Plans and Templates area at the top, and then click the Plan Options menu to Save Template to File. This file can be shared with other SwordSearcher users and does not contain your schedule or days read; it only contains the plan itself.


Templates can be imported and used by other SwordSearcher users in the first step of the Create a Reading Plan window.


Templates from custom plans you have created are automatically available in the Create a Reading Plan window -- you do not need to save a template file unless you want to send it to another user.