Reading Schedules

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Reading Schedules

SwordSearcher includes a flexible daily Bible reading schedule system. You can have as many active reading plans as you want, and SwordSearcher will help you stay on-track with your daily Bible reading commitment.


Use the Devotional main menu to access the reading schedule functions, or click the reading schedule button on the main toolbar to open the Reading Schedule window.


Using the Reading Schedule


Create a Reading Plan
Start a reading plan to take you through the Bible in a year, or design a custom reading plan for your individual needs.

The Reading Schedule Window
This calendar-based schedule is where you do your daily reading. From here you can also access the auto-reschedule function if you fall behind on your reading plans and it would be too difficult to catch up.

The Reading Schedule Manager
Reschedule, rename, delete, print, and more.


The reading schedule functions of SwordSearcher prominently feature estimated reading times and use them for calculating plans. This is far more useful than dividing readings only by verses or chapters. Also, including the reading time in the calendar makes finding the right time to sit down for your daily readings much easier, since you have a very good idea of exactly how long it will take.


Falling behind on your schedule doesn't mean giving up! SwordSearcher can instantly reschedule your plans if catching up would be too difficult.


About estimated reading times: Reading times are based on Alexander Scourby's narration of the King James Bible, and are a good gauge of the time required to read verses in a natural, narrative manner.


The Reading Schedule Toolbar Button


Reading Schedule main toolbar button

Reading Schedule main toolbar button


The Reading Schedule toolbar button appears as above if you do not have any active reading plans.


When you do have active plans, this button has three states to help you stay on track with your reading schedule:



There are unread items from previous days.


Unread items today:
You are not behind, but there are unread item's in today's schedule.



You are completely caught up with no unread items today.



Reading Plan Suggestions


A standard Bible in a Year plan is a great way to get consistent time in Scripture. While reading through the Bible may seem like a daunting goal, the reality is that it can be done in one year with an average reading time of 12 minutes a day. Use the standard, preset Bible in a Year plan to do this. With this plan you will read from the Old Testament and New Testament every day.  Set aside 15 to 20 minutes a day for the reading and impromptu study.


Take your study commitment to the next level, and set up a short daily reading plan in addition to your annual plan. Use this short plan as a starting point for daily study. The custom reading plan designer can create plans that are as short as five minutes a day, so try that. For example, create a plan to read through the book of Galatians in five minute daily portions. This only takes four days! Read the planned portion of Galatians on each day (five minutes) and then spend another five minutes searching various interesting words from that reading, comparing Scripture with Scripture. Use the TSK module as a cross-referencing guide (see this web post for guidance on using the TSK). Warning: you may find your "five minutes" quickly turns into half an hour of time learning wonderful doctrine!


Reading Plan Data File


All of your reading plan data is stored in your Documents\SwordSearcher User Modules folder. Be sure to include this folder in your normal backup routine. Most backup software should automatically include this location.