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SwordSearcher 9 Help

SwordSearcher 9.1



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Welcome to SwordSearcher! This documentation has been written to give you the information you need to use SwordSearcher to its full potential, making your Bible study time more efficient and productive in the process.


A printable PDF version of this help file is also available. Go to Help, Printable PDF Manual in SwordSearcher to open or download the PDF manual.


Three very short Quick-Start how-to guides have been written to help you "jump right in" and see what SwordSearcher can do for you.


Be sure to check out the training videos on the SwordSearcher web site.


Thank you for using SwordSearcher! We know that your Bible study is important and personal, and we consider it a great honor that you are using SwordSearcher to help you learn more from Holy Scripture.


Main Table of Contents



Main Window and Panels

Searching and Indexing

Copying and Exporting Text

Reading Schedules

Using Bookmarks

Creating Your Own Books and Commentaries

Preferences and Settings

Panel Layout

Clone Panels

Audio Bible Support

Keyboard Shortcuts

Bible Book Abbreviations


System Requirements


SwordSearcher requires a PC with a Microsoft Windows desktop PC operating system installed (Windows Home, Windows Pro, etc). (Windows S/S-mode and Windows RT are not supported.) SwordSearcher 9 officially supports Windows 10 or later (32-bit and 64-bit, Home, Pro, or Enterprise editions).


Older versions of Windows may also work but are not supported. Virtual Machines or compatibility layers on other operating systems may work but are not supported. Versions of Windows released after the date of this SwordSearcher release may require updates to SwordSearcher.


A full installation of SwordSearcher Deluxe requires about a gigabyte of hard drive space. At least four gigabytes of RAM is recommended.


About the Library


Please note: the inclusion of material in the SwordSearcher Bible Software library is not an unconditional endorsement of that material. Commentaries and other books are the writings of men and as such are prone to human error. Many of these materials present differing positions on some doctrines. Always remember to compare any statements of man against Scripture, as only Scripture is pure.