Verse List (Bible Search Results)

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Verse List (Bible Search Results)

A Verse List panel is a search result panel created when you do one of the following:


Perform a Bible search (either with the Search Toolbar or the Search Bible dialog).

Use the Load All Referenced Verses command on the Book or Commentary panel pop-up menus.

Use the Display Verses command on the Search menu.

Click a KJV-TSK cross-reference.


Sample Verse List panel in Full View mode, after doing a Bible search in the KJV for "sword."

Sample Verse List panel in Full View mode, after doing a Bible search in the KJV for "sword."


A Verse List panel is very similar to the Bible panel, with the primary difference being that a Verse List panel does not show Bible verses by chapter, but shows only lists of verses. The reference of each verse is shown as a link, which sets the Bible panel to the verse when clicked.


The Concordance View Toggle button switches between Full View (pictured above) and Concordance View, described in the next section. (This option is only available for Bible search results.)


The Bible version selector changes the Bible version used to display the verse list. Note that if the verse list is displaying search results, changing the version does not perform the search again on the new version, but allows you to see how the verses appear in the newly selected version. Therefore, when switching versions in this manner, the verses displayed may not actually contain the words used in the search. You may also use the compare column, which is usually more convenient when you need to compare differences.


The Results Page Selector switches between the pages of the verse list, which are divided into pages of 100 verses each when there are more than 100 verses in the list. The page selector shows the range of verses displayed on each page of the verse list.


Like a Bible panel, a Verse List panel can display a margin area with links to related library material. Use the Margin Display toggle to turn the margin area on or off. The compare column toggle button toggles the display of the compare version column. Right-click the compare toggle button to select the compare version. (The compare column will only appear if the compare version is different from the selected version.) The Verse List Defaults section in Preferences controls how a Verse List margin area (if any) and compare column will appear when the Verse List panel is created.


Copy All Verses From List will copy the entire verse list to the clipboard according to your Export Formatting options.


Copy All Verse References From List will copy a list of references, without the verse text, to the clipboard.


The Bar graph toggle hides or shows the bar graph (see below).


The Search Info and Stats button applies for Bible search results only, and opens an information window showing details about the search, including a "result map" with links to the first match of each verse, and bar graphs showing statistical information.


Bible Word Cloud Generator: Opens the Bible Word Cloud Generator, and builds a word cloud based on the verses in the Verse List. This can be a very illuminating way to visualize other words commonly associated with your search words.


The Verse List panel pop-up menu is similar to the Bible panel pop-up menu. Access the pop-up menu by right-clicking a verse or word in the text display area.


A note about match counts: When you do a Bible search, the Verse List will show how many matches as well as how many verses are in the results. The match count works well and is useful for simple word or phrase searches. However, be aware that the match count loses its meaning for complex Boolean searches when different parts of the search can match the same word in a verse. If you want to see exactly how the match count is tallied, switch to Concordance View to see each individual match on a line.


Match Frequency Bar Graph:


For search results, a bar graph at the top of the verse list shows you the concentration of matching verses across the whole Bible:


Sample screen showing match frequency bar graph for a Bible search.

Sample screen showing match frequency bar graph for a Bible search.


Using this graph you can instantly see where the most and fewest verses are. The bars are color-coded for sections of the Bible (Law, Gospels, etc). Hold the mouse pointer over a bar to see the book name and how many verses matched in that book, and click to go to the first match in the book.




Hold down the CTRL key as you move the mouse pointer over words to turn them into links for instant StudyClick actions. See StudyClick.