Bible and Verse List Panels: Verse List Panel Defaults

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Bible and Verse List Panels: Verse List Panel Defaults

Select the File menu and click Preferences. Select the Bible and Verse Panels: Verse List Defaults page.


The options under Verse List margin area control the initial margin area configuration when a new Verse List panel is opened. By default, no margin links are shown in Verse List panels. These settings do not apply when Concordance View mode is active.


Other display mode options:


If you want Verse List panels to open with a compare module selected, you may specify the compare Bible module here.


Select Show Bar Graph if you always want to see the bar graph header above search results (this is on by default).


Concordance View Options:


Check For Bible search results, always begin in Concordance View if you prefer the Concordance View layout and always want to see that for Bible search results. Note that you can switch between Full and Concordance View in the Verse List panel using the toolbar toggle button.


Check Show Verse Widgets in Concordance View to display Verse Widgets along with the verse text in Concordance View Mode.


KJV-TSK Verse Lists: These settings control the initial configuration of verse lists opened from the KJV-TSK Bible module.


The default behavior is to load KJV-TSK reference lists with the KJV-TSK module and ignore the compare module setting above. This allows you to continue to quickly chain through additional cross-references from the verse list. However, some users will prefer to use a specific module of their choice to display the verse lists, which can be selected here. When you select a different module here, the compare mode option under Other display mode options will also be honored.


See Layout Options for additional settings related to the KJV-TSK verse list.