Bible and Verse List Panels: Verse Widgets

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Bible and Verse List Panels: Verse Widgets

Select the File menu and click Preferences. Select the Bible and Verse Panels: Verse Widgets page.


Verse Widgets are icons which appear in the Bible and Verse List panels under each verse reference. Verse widgets do not appear in paragraph mode.


Each widget can be included or excluded based on your preference. Check the items you want to be included in the Bible and Verse List panels.


Action Widgets: These widgets give one-click access to verse-related functions.


Set active verse and perform "Go To Verse" actions. Clicking this widget sets the associated verse as the currently "active" verse and performs the actions you have selected on the Sync Options Preferences page under When Go To Verse is Set.


Topic and Verse Guide. Clicking this widget opens the Topic and Verse Guide with the associated verse filled in.


Find Related Verses. Clicking this widget opens the Find Related Verses search tool for the associated verse.


Copy Verse(s). Clicking this widget copies the associated verse to the clipboard using your verse formatting options. Shift+Clicking the widget opens a menu for copying a range of verses starting with the associated verse. See Copying Verses to the Clipboard.


Play Bible audio. See Bible Audio Support.


Favorite Commentaries: A commentary widget is similar to a commentary link in the Bible margin. However, commentary widgets are shown whether or not there is a commentary entry for the associated verse. (If there is no commentary entry for the verse, the widget appears faded.) If the commentary is user-editable, and there is no entry for the verse, clicking the widget will open the user editor. Also, Shift+Clicking a user-editable commentary widget opens the editor. You can include up to three commentary widgets in the Bible panel. You can choose the form of each favorite commentary icon.


Widget Size: You can control the size of verse widgets here. Select Proportional to Font Size to have the verse widgets scale along with the size of the font used in the Bible panel. Select Small, Medium, or Large to fix the verse widgets to a particular size.


You can control the color of verse widgets on the Fonts and Colors page.


Note: Verse Widgets are displayed using the Webdings and Wingdings fonts included on all standard Windows installations. If any of the Verse Widgets appear as random characters instead of the icons seen above, it may be necessary to install these fonts, although they should be included by default on any Windows computer.