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Panel Layout

Introduction to SwordSearcher's Layout


SwordSearcher's study layout is based on the idea that there are four primary types of "documents" used during study:


The Bible (first and foremost!)

Books (including dictionaries and topical references)


Search Results (such as verses found in a Bible search or a Verse Guide)


These four types of resources are separated into four "panels." The Bible panel, the Books and Dictionaries panel, the Commentaries panel, and the Search Results panel. (The Search Result panel can itself be separated into more panels during layout customization, described later.)


Most users will probably choose to use the default "Bible on Left" layout, and some users will switch to one of the other pre-set layouts available. However, SwordSearcher allows you to completely customize the positions and sizes of these panels on your screen if you so desire, even to the point of undocking a panel completely and setting it outside of the main window. You can save as many of these "custom layouts" as you need.


Important Note


Most users will have all the control they need with the pre-set layout selections.


It is not necessary to familiarize yourself with SwordSearcher's advanced layout features! Most users will find the default settings suitable, and in fact, layout customization is disabled by default. These features are provided for "power users" who really want to get into customizing the software they use.


Layout Topics


Using the pre-set layout styles

Resizing the panels

Advanced: Customizing the layout

Even more advanced: Auto Hide


See also Clone Panels.