Main Window and Panels

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Main Window and Panels

SwordSearcher's Main Window is designed with four "study panels:" A Bible panel, a Book & Dictionary panel, a Commentary panel, and a Search Results panel.


Sample of SwordSearcher Main Window

Sample of SwordSearcher Main Window


You can choose between several different pre-set layouts to change the position of the panels, or you can customize the layout to your specific tastes.


The main window also has several toolbars used to access commonly used features of the software.


For details, see:

 The Bible Panel

 The Books & Dictionaries Panel

 The Commentary Panel

 The Search Results Panels

 The Main Window Toolbar


 Using Zoom and Color Mode


To learn how to change the layout of the panels, see Panel Layout.


You can create temporary "copies" of the Bible, Book, and Commentary panels, called Clone Panels.