Using the Verse Guide

SwordSearcher makes it easy to see all of the relevant library material related to a Bible verse or passage with the Verse Guide. Essentially, the Verse Guide is the ultimate Bible verse index, giving you quick access to any commentary, dictionary, topical guide, or book entry that references a particular verse or passage.

There are several ways to view a Verse Guide in SwordSearcher.

First method: Use the Go To Verse and Search toolbar.

By default, entering a verse in the Go to Verse toolbar opens that verse in the Bible panel and sets a Verse Guide for that verse.

1. Enter a verse reference, such as 2Ti 3:16, in the Go to Verse and Search toolbar and press Enter:

Sample go to verse toolbar

2. The Bible panel is set to the specified verse, and a Verse Guide is opened for the verse as well:

Sample verse guide panel

From here, you can click on any entry title to view it in the appropriate panel. The referenced verse is highlighted in the text when you do so.

The above example shows entries organized by title. Entries can also be organized by book by right-clicking the Verse Guide.

Tip: you can also specify a range of verses, up to a whole chapter, to view in the verse guide. For example, entering 2Ti 3 alone would open a verse guide showing entries that reference any verse or verses in the third chapter of Second Timothy.

Second Method: Right-click a verse and select Verse Guide.

Any time you are reading a verse in the Bible Panel you can view the Verse Guide for a verse with the pop-up menu.

1. Right-click a verse in the Bible panel and select the Verse Guide menu item.

Sample Bible popup menu

2. When you click the Verse Guide menu item, a Verse Guide is opened for the verse you right-clicked:

Sample verse guide panel

Third Method: Use the Topic and Verse Guide tool.

Finally, you can view the same information in the Topic and Verse Guide:

1. Select Topic and Verse Guide from the Search menu, or press Alt+T.

2. The Topic and Verse Guide tool appears. Here you can enter a topic or a verse reference. Again we use our example of 2Ti 3:16.

Sample topic and verse guide

This works the same as the Verse Guide panel shown before, except that it remains over the main SwordSearcher display window until you close it or click Close.

The above example shows entries organized by book. Entires may also be organized by title.

SwordSearcher's ability to instantly give you a complete "reverse index" of Bible verses is a very powerful and time-saving tool for Bible study. In addition to helping you find what you know you are looking for, it will frequently bring before you topics of study you may not have considered for a particular verse.