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Unrivaled searching power.

Find verses instantly by words, phrase, and more. Sometimes you just need help "finding that verse," but often you need a lot more. Search all word forms automatically. Find words even when you don't know how they are spelled. Find words "near each other" even when separated by verses. Locate "related verses" with word selection in a passage you are studying. Bible search results can be viewed in full-verse mode or in a classic concordance mode. Read more about Bible search.

And, you can also search through your entire reference library—or just parts of it you want—in seconds.

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A huge study library.

Hundreds of volumes are just a click away. SwordSearcher's innovative Verse Guide and Topic Guide technology make looking up information super-fast with relevant results. An entire lifetime library of books, dictionaries, and commentaries can be searched in seconds and indexed by verse reference, and it's all included. You won't be nickel-and-dimed just to build your library.

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Bookshelf with lots of old books


God's word is amazing. We believe that modern Bible software should be more about the scriptures than the reference material. To that end, SwordSearcher is replete with scripture discovery features like a Word Cloud Generator, a Word Tree Explorer, and the most useful collection of cross-references ever published, integrated right into the King James Bible. And of course, all of this is quickly out-of-the-way when all you want to see is the text of the Bible.

Word Trees Cross-References Word Clouds

Word Tree in Psalm 119

Your writings, too.

Record your own studies in SwordSearcher's full-featured editor.

And here's the thing: Your own text works just like the other books and commentaries in the library. When you type a verse reference in your document, it is automatically linked as you type, and your content is immediately accessible like the other library material in the program. This means it is instantly searchable and indexed by verse reference in the Verse Guide. You can create as many personal books or commentaries as you need to organize your material. Thousands use SwordSearcher to save everything from small notes to prepared sermons.

Creating your own content

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Verse Guide

When you are studying a passage, the Verse Guide is there to give you an index to everything in your entire study library that references a verse in the passage. You don't have too guess what headings in a dictionary might be relevant to your study, nor is it necessary to try to search though books for verse links.


Turn virtually any word into a link. You decide what the link does—show the first-and-last use in a pop-up, do a Bible search, a dictionary lookup, and more. StudyClick is a breakthrough in application design that leverages the power of your mouse to save you time.

Bible Margin

How can you tell when one of your favorite books or commentaries has information on a verse? It's easy with the Bible Margin. Right next to each verse, you will see links to relevant information in your study library. You choose what is included in the margin, and when you don't want to see it, one click hides it.

Deliberate design.

SwordSearcher began in 1994 and has been regularly developed and improved since then. We take very seriously the honor to create tools that you use in your study of the Holy Bible. Great care is taken to make software that works well and is not difficult to learn and use. SwordSearcher is a serious PC application and leverages the power of the platform to make your computer truly work for you in your study, whether it is a small laptop or a desktop rig with multiple monitors.

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2 Timothy 2:15, KJV
“Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”
Ephesians 6:17, KJV
“Take the helmet of Salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God”
“I use SwordSearcher not only in my own Personal Bible Study, but at my church where I teach on different aspects of the Bible. I really like the speed and efficient manner I can quickly find Bible verses. I have found it to be one of the easiest and fastest reference guides that I have ever used.”
Carson Wilson
“SwordSearcher is to the Bible what Firefox is to the web. I've never seen such attention to detail as it pertains to the user experience.”
Nathan Smith
“TheĀ most versatile Bible programĀ I have ever seen... It tells me which works refer to the verse or word in question, so I don't have to go poring through each resource... Thank you for putting together such a genuinely beneficial product.”
David W. Daniels