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    Three Reasons to use SwordSearcher

    In a hurry? This is a fast-paced introduction. (3:30)
    1. Fast and Easy Bible Searching
    2. The Bible Margin
    3. Easy Referencing with the Verse Guide

    (Tutorials on these features appear below.)


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    General Overview

    Shows how the program is laid out, what each study panel is for, explains the Bible margin area, selecting library modules, and starting a topical study. (8:22)
  • Basic Bible Searching

    Shows how to do basic Bible searching in SwordSearcher. It also demonstrates searching for words when the proper spelling is not known. Finally, some slightly more complex searches are demonstrated. (6:05)
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    How SwordSearcher Works with Books

    This video shows how SwordSearcher works with library books. In this example we'll look at a 63 volume set of sermons. You see how you can use a book topically and how it can be used in a study on a passage of Scripture. (3:47)
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    The Verse Guide

    This video shows you how you can quickly access the entire SwordSearcher study library by verse reference, without having to know how material on a particular verse might be categorized. (2:46)
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    Demonstrates StudyClick, where any word you see can instantly become a clickable link, including pop-up previews for Bible searches and dictionary lookups. (3:41)
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    Cross-references: The KJV-TSK Bible Tab

    Here's a demonstration of the powerful KJV-TSK Bible tab, which contains hundreds of thousands of cross-references integrated right into the Bible text. (8:04)
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    Bible Word Trees

    Demonstrates the Word Trees tool, a fun way to visualize and explore word and phrase connections. (9:32)
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    Copying Verses into Documents and Controlling Formatting

    Shows the best way to copy verses to the clipboard and into other applications, how to change the formatting of copied verses, how to change the verse tag options, using verse auto-paste, and copying verses from links. (8:42)
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    Reading Schedules

    Demonstrates creating reading plans and using the Reading Schedule Window. Shows how to add a standard Bible in a Year plan to the schedule, as well as create a custom plan to read the Gospels for 30 minutes a day. (6:33)
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    Verse Widgets

    Shows how Verse Widgets (part of the Bible panel and Verse List panels) can be used and personalized. (6:12)
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    Scan Text for Verse References Tool

    Demonstrates using the Scan Text for Verse References tool, showing how to automatically link verse references in any text, like a web page or email. (3:44)
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    The Topic Guide

    Demonstrates using the Topic Guide, showing how to look up information by subject. (2:17)
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    Creating Your Own Books and Commentaries

    Demonstrates creating user modules and shows how they are instantly integrated into your library, with automatic verse links and inclusion in the Bible margin. You can make your own books and commentaries to store topical studies, lessons, sermons, or verse-by-verse notes. (10:31)
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    Bible Word Cloud Generator

    This video explains the Bible Word Cloud Generator. The Bible Word Cloud Generator is a visualization tool that can show you at a glance what words are emphasized in a portion of Scripture. (5:17)

Video Quick-Tips

These are shorter tutorials and tips.

Other Videos

  • New in Version 8

    This video shows some of the new features in SwordSearcher 8.0. (6:51)
    • Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary 1913
    • KJV-TSK
    • Integrated bar graph for Bible search results
    • Concordance view for Bible search results
    • Reverse-interlinear display layout for KJVSL
    • Comprehensive support for high-DPI and 4K+ displays
    • Module shortcuts
  • New in Version 7

    Demonstrates several of the new features in SwordSearcher 7. (9:15)
    • The new search bar
    • Bible Word Cloud Generator
    • Module Sets
    • Custom Bible book name abbreviations
    • New library modules
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    New in Version 6.0

    Demonstrates several of the features that were added in SwordSearcher 6.0. (6:52)
    • Bible highlighting and underlining
    • Proximity search
    • Find Related Verses
    • Bible search result information and statistics window
    • Enhanced entry selectors
    • Clone Panels