Frequently Asked Questions

I'd like to try the full Deluxe version with the complete library. What is your return policy?

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is guaranteed! Order the Deluxe version now. There's no better way to try SwordSearcher than to get the full version. If you don't like it, return it within 30 days and you will receive a refund of your purchase price.

What is the difference between the free evaluation version of SwordSearcher and the Deluxe (full) version?

The free evaluation version includes a small set of library resources and is limited to 30 days of use. The Deluxe (full) version contains the entire SwordSearcher Deluxe library. For details on what is included in the evaluation version, see the download page. For a complete listing of the library resources included in the Deluxe version, see the Deluxe library page. Also, users of the full version can install additional free SwordSearcher modules.

I don't have a credit or debit card. Can I order by mail?

Yes. On the order page is an option to pay by mail. Simply begin your checkout and select the mail order payment method. Complete your order online and then print out the mail order provided to send with your payment.

Are discounts available for bulk-orders of the DVD?

Yes. Quantity pricing is available on the order page. Larger bulk-orders are handled on a case-by-case basis. If you would like to order more than ten DVDs for gifts, donations, distribution, or resale, please request a quote by email.

What are the license terms for the software (in plain English)?

You may install SwordSearcher Deluxe Edition on your home, laptop, and work computer for your own use. We do not track individual installations in any way.

Organizations (churches, Bible schools, etc.) may install SwordSearcher in such a way that only one copy will be running at a time, much like a book can be read by one person at a time. To install a single SwordSearcher Deluxe DVD on multiple machines for concurrent use, you will need to obtain a site license.

The full/Deluxe version and serial numbers may not be "shared" or copied.

How can I be notified of updates to SwordSearcher?

Sign up for our email newsletter. Please note that we do not automatically subscribe customers to our newsletter, so even if you have purchased SwordSearcher, it is necessary for you to sign up to receive updates. You can also check for updates by selecting "Check for Updates" on the Help menu in SwordSearcher.

Where are the cross-references?

Over 800,000 cross-references are one click away in the Expanded Treasury of Scripture Knowledge, or integrated right into the Bible text with the KJV-TSK Bible module. The TSK is one of the most useful study aids available for Bible study.

Additionally, many of the other commentaries in SwordSearcher contain a great number of cross-references, totaling well over one million in all.

Many users will find it convenient to set the TSK as the default commentary.

For more information on using the TSK, see this explanation. It will enrich your study time!

How do I use an Audio Bible in SwordSearcher?

You can integrate an audio Bible right into the Bible panel. For details see the page on Audio Bible Integration and the step-by-step instructions in the help file.

I like SwordSearcher and want to continue using the evaluation version, but I can't afford to pay for it. Can you help?

Although we rely on the sale of SwordSearcher to support our family, we do not want someone's inability to pay for it to prevent them from enriching their Bible study with SwordSearcher. So if you cannot afford to purchase the full version, email your request for a "free registration," which will allow you to use the download version indefinitely with no further obligation. No explanation of your situation is needed, just tell us that you are requesting a free registration. All we ask in return is that you tell others about SwordSearcher and encourage them to try it out. Please note: a free registration serial number disables the evaluation reminder in the program and allows it to be used beyond the trial period. There is no "locked content" to activate. In order to have the complete Deluxe version library or use third-party modules (including free add-ons from the forums), you will need to purchase the Deluxe version.

Will SwordSearcher work on my Mac, tablet, or phone, or...?

SwordSearcher will work on Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. See the system requirements page for further details.

There is no Mac or Linux version of SwordSearcher, but both of these platforms have software which allows Windows programs to be used. Mac or Linux users may be able to use software such as Parallels to run Windows software such as SwordSearcher. We can only provide support for SwordSearcher itself and can not provide support for installation issues with Mac and Linux.

There is no "app" for mobile devices available at this time.

Is a manual available?

SwordSearcher includes an live manual in the program that is accessed by pressing F1 or selecting Open Help from the Help menu in SwordSearcher. Additionally, a printable PDF user manual is available here. You'll find the PDF manual accessible from the Help menu in SwordSearcher.

Do I need to uninstall the evaluation version before installing the Deluxe version?

No. The Deluxe installer will automatically update your installation to the full version.

Do I need to be connected to the Internet to use SwordSearcher?

No. Once you've installed it, no internet connection is necessary.

Can I build my own modules for SwordSearcher?

SwordSearcher features an internal user-created library module system, so that any user can create their own personal commentaries or books inside of SwordSearcher. (See the User menu.) User-created books and commentaries work just like "official" modules and are an excellent way to keep track of your personal studies and store lessons, sermons, etc. See this video for a demonstration.

Is there a way for third-party publishers to compile material in SwordSearcher format?

If you would like to be able to build your own SwordSearcher modules outside of SwordSearcher, either for personal use or for third-party publishing, take a look at Forge for SwordSearcher, a utility designed for compiling SwordSearcher modules from source text files. Most users will not need to use Forge and should just use the built-in user editor in SwordSearcher.

Where can I get more books for SwordSearcher?

Have a look at the SwordSearcher Modules forum for many additional free modules. Some third-party content is available as well.

Can I get additional Bible versions?

A list of the included Bible translations can be seen here. Additionally, other publishers which have chosen to allow their copyrighted versions to be available in SwordSearcher format are:

  • New American Standard Bible (NASB), available from the Lockman Foundation. (Requires separate purchase from American Bible Sales.)

The SwordSearcher format does not cost a publisher anything to use. If a translation you are seeking is not available for SwordSearcher it is because the publisher has chosen not to publish it in SwordSearcher format.

We highly recommend studying from the KJV. Many of the included helps in the software can aid in study for people new to the KJV. The included book, Crowned With Glory, presents many excellent reasons to study from the KJV.

You can see some additional third-party modules available for SwordSearcher here.

Who is behind SwordSearcher?

Please see our About Us page.

How can I get more help?

A public user forum is online at Also be sure to review the training and demonstration videos.

And by all means, email your questions—see the contact page. Thanks for your time!