Welcome back! Choose your upgrade to 8.4.

Thank you for purchasing a full Deluxe version upgrade! Your purchase supports the continued development of SwordSearcher. StudyLamp Software is a small family-owned company and every purchase makes a difference to us. Don't want to buy the new Deluxe version? Please see the Upgrade FAQ for free program updates and more information.

Upgrade from Deluxe 8.0 or later

Upgrade from version 8 or later, $24.50

Upgrading from a version 8 license to the current full Deluxe version is $24.50.

Upgrade from Deluxe 7 or earlier

Upgrade from version 7 or earlier, $34.50

Upgrading from a version 5, 6, or 7 license to the current full Deluxe version is $34.50.

THIS IS AN UPGRADE. You must have a SwordSearcher Deluxe license serial number to qualify.

If you are not sure what version of SwordSearcher you have, open SwordSearcher and go to the Help menu and select About. You can also select Check for Updates on the Help menu.

You can also look at your DVD if you purchased a DVD-ROM before.

If you originally ordered a download or DVD direct from this website, we can look up your order in our database and help. Just email support@swordsearcher.com.

If you are not currently a SwordSearcher user, here is regular new license order page.

See the Upgrade FAQ for general upgrade questions and information.