Creating Your Own Books and Commentaries

This video demonstrates creating user modules where you can write your own thoughts and studies in SwordSearcher. (10:31)

  • What are user modules? Your personal books and commentaries in SwordSearcher.
  • They work just like the other modules.
    • Verses are linked.
    • Appear in the Bible margin.
    • Appear in the Verse Guide and Topic Guide.
    • They have their own library tabs.
  • Create a commentary module and demonstrate how it is edited.
  • Show how typing a verse reference is automatically linked to the verse.
  • Show that a newly created comment on John 3:16 appears in the margin next to the verse in the Bible panel.
  • Show the edit links that now exist in the margin area.
  • Create a book module to store Bible studies. Make an entry in the book for "Salvation" with a reference to John 3:16.
  • Demonstrate the deep-referencing: now there is a link to this entry in the margin of John 3:16.
  • Demonstrate expanding a verse in-line, useful for printing a Bible study group handout.
  • Finally, show that the user commentary we made can have a verse widget assigned to it for fast review and editing from the Bible panel.