Use and Configure Verse Widgets

This video demonstrates SwordSearcher Verse Widgets: handy icons that appear next to the verse references in the Bible and Verse List panels. (6:12)

  • Demonstrate the set active verse widget.
  • Demonstrate the copy verse widget.
    • Copy the verse and paste it into a word processor.
    • Use the Shift-Click method to copy a range of verses.
  • Demonstrate the favorite commentary widgets.
    • Show with the TSK commentary.
    • Show using a personal (editable) commentary and how the widget can be used to start editing personal notes on the verse.
  • Demonstrate how to add additional verse widgets to the Bible panel:
    • The Topic and Verse Guide widget.
    • The Find Related Verses widget. A little more detailed demonstration of this tool from the widget.
  • Finally, show how you can change what the "synchronization actions" are that are used by the set active/sync widget.