Torrey's Fundamentals: A Testimony to the Truth

Torrey's Fundamentals

The Fundamentals, edited by R. A. Torrey, is a collection of essays by various authors on the fundamental doctrines of Biblical Christianity. It was originally published in 12 separate volumes.

The Fundamentals was compiled to answer the critics of Christianity and proponents of so-called "Higher Criticism," and is a defense of Biblical doctrine against modernism and doctrinal liberalism.

90 essays make up this excellent compilation of Biblical teaching, including:

  • The Fallacies of the Higher Criticism
  • Holy Scripture and Modern Negations
  • The Testimony of Christ to the Old Testament
  • The Doctrinal Value of the First Chapters of Genesis
  • Science and Christian Faith
  • The Inspiration of the Bible--Definition, Extent and Proof
  • Is There a God?
  • Salvation By Grace
  • Is Romanism Christianity?
  • The Decadence of Darwinism
  • Evolutionism in the Pulpit
  • The Church and Socialism
  • Millennial Dawn: A Counterfeit of Christianity (A refutation of the Jehovah's Witness false doctrine)
  • Mormonism: Its Origin, Characteristics, and Doctrines
  • What the Bible Contains for the Believer
  • 90 essays in all.

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