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"I use SwordSearcher to look up and study scriptures for my messages. I can easily gain access to loads of information on any particular verse. Thanks for making SwordSearcher the best study Bible study software anywhere!"

Pastor Steve R. Smith, Russellville Baptist Church

"I use SwordSearcher many times during the day. This is with my personal bible study and with college, as it is a easy reference. The best thing that I like about SwordSearcher is the fact that everything is ready in one place. You are a true blessing with this application."

Tony Sulpizio

"I use it to develop my sermons. I love how easy it is to use and cross-reference passages."

Omar Schrock

"I use SwordSearcher for most of my reading and study. I really like the design and use the comment and dictionary links most often. I really like the scan text for verse references tool. It's a great Bible application! Thank you for your hard work and diligence with this!"

Jeff Long

"One of my favorite features is after finding the passage(s) needed, I can cut/paste into my MS Word documents as needed; especially the option to copy just one verse or a range of verses. I use SwordSearcher almost every day. I find it an invaluable resource/tool for my Bible study and research."

David G. Tree

"I use SwordSearcher for preparing sermons and research for Sunday School. I also use for looking up different topics. It really saves a lot of time and space. If I had all of these books and Bibles in print form, I am sure that my house wouldn't hold them."

Darrin Whorton

"Thank you for taking the time to develop this awesome software. The books are great. My favorite feature is using the Spanish translation side by side with the KJV."

Carlos Herrera

"I use SwordSearcher every morning to read my Bible. I use it for all my Bible Study. I
have been reading a Proverb a day for many years long before I bought SwordSearcher and like that it is part of the devotions. I like all the books that are included and the ease of searching. Thank you for all the work you put into it."

Karen Martincic

"I LOVE it Brother, THANK you."

Lawson Willis

"I use it to rapidly and exhaustively research topical information. SwordSearcher is an excellent piece of software and indispensable to the serious Bible student."

Thomas Smith

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