Gospel Harmonies and Bible Chronologies

Gospel Harmonies

The SwordSearcher Harmonies and Chronologies book contains complete tables of parallel Bible passages in the Gospels (known as a Gospel Harmony), as well as other helpful reference tables.

  • Gospel Harmonies
  • Chronological Tables of the Parables of Jesus
  • Chronological Tables of the Miracles of Jesus
  • Dates of the Books of the New Testament
  • The Parables Recorded in the Old Testament
  • The Miracles Recorded in the Old Testament
  • The Miracles Recorded in the Acts of the Apostles
  • Discourses of Jesus in Chronological order.
  • Our Lord's Miracles (non-chronological)
  • Our Lord's Parables (non-chronological)
  • Discourses in Acts
  • The Spiritual Order of Paul's Epistles
  • Chronological Table of the Events of the Life of Paul

The Harmonies study library module is not just a "list of lists." Thanks to SwordSearcher's "deep referencing," each verse in the Bible is linked to each table in which it appears in Harmonies. This gives you quick, one-click access to parallel and chronological information without having to hunt through dictionaries or appendixes.

Bible Harmonies and Chronologies verse link example
Example of Harmonies link in Bible panel (click to enlarge).

This text is part of the SwordSearcher Deluxe Study Library.

Module type: Book
Module abbreviation: Harmonies

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