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"When I begin a sermon outline I open my word processor and SwordSearcher. When I add scripture or a word definition all I have to do is go to SwordSearcher and copy and paste. I love the Bible search, all the reference books and commentaries on one page. I am well pleased with your product. I would be lost with out it."

Pastor Bobby Helton

"I use SwordSearcher every day for my preparation of my Sunday School teaching responsibilities. I also use it exclusively for my daily Bible study. I am a retired supermarket owner and just in the last few years have been able to pursue my love of Bible study and teaching. Your SwordSearcher software has made it easy for me to pursue my studies. I appreciate your commitment to quality and affordability"

John Worsham

"I love my SwordSearcher and I recommend it to anyone who wants an electronic study Bible. I use it to research, to read daily Scripture and to save my notes. My favorite feature by far is the ability to highlight with color and underline. Thank you for all your hard work."

Tracye Gano

"SwordSearcher has all the tools I need for studying my Bible, sermon preparation, and personal study. It is a one-stop tool. My pastor gave it to me years ago, and it is still the only product we both use."

Roger Napper

"I love the stability of the program. It has not given one single problem. Your instructional videos are very helpful too! I use it almost daily."

Peter Szabo

"I use SwordSearcher every day. Working for a ministry I'm called upon a lot for Scripture references. SwordSearcher makes it fast and easy. When I'm writing letters to our listeners or writing something for the program it's my 'go-to' resource. Love your product."

Marvin McElvany, Southwest Radio Ministries

"I use SwordSearcher almost every day in the office for study and sermon preparation. Cross-references, Strongs, word search, Commentaries and Books are all used. Great for inserting scripture into my documents. Love it, recommend it, and glad you are there."

Ken Newport

"I use SwordSearcher not only in my own Personal Bible Study, but at my church where I teach on different aspects of the Bible. I really like the speed and efficient manner I can quickly find Bible verses. I have found it to be one of the easiest and fastest reference guides that I have ever used."

Carson Wilson

"I use it for study, and for when I write articles for our church paper. I really like the ability to import scripture text to my documents."

Daniel Johnson

"I use SwordSearcher as an awesome research tool. The mouse-overs are huge and help me in my efficiencies of studying. I recommend it whenever the topic of study tools comes up."

Joe Zanti

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