Miller's Church History

Miller's Church History

Short Papers on Church History, by Andrew Miller, commonly known as "Miller's Church History," is the best concise examination of the history of Christ's church available.

Much more than a history book, Church History carefully applies scriptural principles, prophecy, and instruction to form an analysis of every formative event since the foundation of the New Testament Church. Unlike many other Church histories, Miller begins with the foundation of the Church by Christ, rather than an institution by man. In the first chapter, Miller asserts boldly and with Scriptural support that Jesus Christ is the "only builder of his Church." Such sets the stage for a Biblical examination the history of the Church Christ built.

Short Papers on Church History is 1200 pages in print, but is conveniently divided into subchapters as a SwordSearcher Book module, is easily read by section, and can be instantly searched by words or phrase.

The SwordSearcher edition includes the famous "last chapter" by Miller, which is shamefully removed from many printings of the work. Short Papers is organized into the following chapters (each being further subdivided into sections):

  1. The Rock Foundation
  2. The Day of Pentecost Fully Come
  3. The Disciples Persecuted and Scattered
  4. The Missionaries of the Cross
  5. The Apostle Paul
  6. Paul's Third Missionary Journey
  7. The Burning of Rome
  8. The Internal History of the Church (1)
  9. From Commodus Till the Accession of Constantine
  10. Constantine
  11. The Council of Nice
  12. The Internal History of the Church (2)
  13. The Epistle to the Church in Thyatira
  14. The Spread of Christianity Over Europe
  15. Mahomet (Muhammad), the False Prophet of Arabia
  16. The Silver Line of Sovereign Grace
  17. The Propagation of Christianity, Ninth Century
  18. The Church-building Spirit Revived
  19. The Pontificate of Gregory VII
  20. The Crusades
  21. AD 1106-1122
  22. The Encroachments of Rome in England
  23. The Theology of the Church of Rome
  24. Innocent III and His Times
  25. Innocent and the South of France
  26. The Inquisition Established in Languedoc
  27. The Approaching Dawn of the Reformation
  28. The Decline of Papal Power
  29. The Forerunners of the Reformation
  30. John Wycliffe
  31. The Reformation Movement in Bohemia
  32. The Capture of Constantinople
  33. The Reformation in Germany
  34. The First Papal Jubilee
  35. Luther at Wartburg
  36. Protestantism
  37. The Sacramentarian Controversy
  38. The Council of Bologna
  39. The Popish Refutation
  40. The Reformation in Switzerland
  41. The Leaders of the Reformation in Switzerland
  42. The Results of Disputations
  43. The General Progress of Reform
  44. The Extension of Reform in Switzerland
  45. The Reformation in Germany
  46. The Opening of the Council of Trent
  47. The Interim
  48. The Effect of the Reformation in Germany on the Nations of Europe
  49. The Reformation in French Switzerland
  50. The Reformation in France
  51. The Great Progress of the Reformation
  52. The Waldenses
  53. The Reformation in the British Isles Ireland
  54. England
  55. The Reign of Elizabeth
  56. Philadelphia (Including the origin of the Brethren)

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