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"SwordSearcher is theĀ most versatile Bible programĀ I have ever seen. I use it every single day I'm on my computer... Your interface is user-friendly and so simple to use. It tells me which works refer to the verse or word in question, so I don't have to go poring through each resource... It saves so much time and energy that I can devote my time to writing answers, not just searching for them. Thank you for putting together such a genuinely beneficial product. I continually recommend it in correspondence, conversations and my books."

David W. Daniels, Author

"I am an active user of SwordSearcher and use it to prepare Sunday School lessons for an adult class as well as special studies for churches and my own personal Bible study. I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed your program. I have used several in the past and when I started using SwordSearcher, I quit the others."

David Jacques

"I use SwordSearcher all the time and am fully satisfied with it. All I can say is thanks and I appreciate it very much."

Ernest G. Richards

"I love the preview feature connecting commentaries to Bible text. I use this a lot. I have several Bible programs. I seldom open them anymore. I use SwordSearcher every day."

Jim Preston, Lighthouse Baptist Church

"I use SwordSearcher to find verses to post in response to commentary and biblical discussions on my website and other sites."

David Munson

"With SwordSearcher, I can find what I am looking for within the first few seconds after firing it up."

Harold Anderson

"I use it all the time, every day. When studying Scripture or Christian literature, or when viewing multimedia and a reference is made to Scripture it is a fast way to look it up. Also making collections of favorite passages, saving and grouping together by concept and meanings, etc; custom books I can then refer to or print hard copy. I will always use it, and I recommend it to my friends."

Lloyd Garrick

"I love SwordSearcher. It is the best Bible program that I have used. I use it every week when I prepare messages to preach."

Joshua Turk

"I use SwordSearcher mainly for sermon prep and study, but also for quick verse look-ups. My favorite feature, while simple, is the CTRL+ALT+V to paste scripture into my outlines. SwordSearcher is bar none the BEST software on the market."

Deacon Chris Hartzell

"The fuzzy searching that was recently added is a great aid in searches."

Michael Pedigo

"I use SwordSearcher for sermon preparation. It is a good program that I recommend to all my college students. Thanks for taking the time to put it together."

Pastor John Waterloo

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