Williams' Exhaustive Concordance of Bible Numbers

Teach Us To Number: Williams' Exhaustive Concordance of Bible Numbers is a complete concordance of all of the numbers appearing in the Bible.

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Teach Us To Number: Williams' Exhaustive Concordance of Bible Numbers

Watch the video above to see how fascinating this book is and how it solves the complex problem of locating mentions of numbers in the Scripture.

The two main difficulties of searching for numbers in the Bible are:

  1. Numbers are spelled out (for example, "Six hundred threescore and six" for 666)
  2. Numbers frequently involve math (for example: "a tithe of the tithes" for 1% or 1/100)

This concordance does the "heavy lifting" and lets you look up any number quickly and easily, and can be included in the Bible margin for cross-referencing.

All numeric references, from zero through infinity (including fractions) are represented and indexed.

This book also includes a dictionary of Bible dates, numbered items, and appendixes regarding mathematics in Scripture and supposed contradictions involving numbers.

Copyright © 2012 by J.G. Williams, B.S., M.B.S., Ph.D. This book is included in the SwordSearcher Deluxe library with permission of the author.

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