Haldeman's How to Study the Bible

How to Study the Bible

How to Study the Bible: The Second Coming and Other Expositions by Isaac Massey Haldeman was originally published with the title Friday Night Papers.

How to Study the Bible is a collection of studies, lessons, lectures, and addresses on many topics from the long ministry of I. M. Haldeman, pastor of First Baptist Church of New York City.

This is the ninth edition of the book, much larger than the original edition published as "Friday Night Papers." The reader will find strong, logical teaching on topics such as the Church, the Advents of the Lord, the Holy Spirit, types and anti-types, the Sabbath, and expositions of several key passages of Scripture.

Haldeman's address on the Holy Spirit (Chapter 3) and lesson on the Story of Joseph (Chapter 16) are especially excellent blessings for the Bible believing Christian.

As with all books in the SwordSearcher library, How to Study the Bible can be read chapter-by-chapter, or can be searched instantly for words or phrases, and is indexed by verse reference.

Chapters of this book:

  1. How to Study the Bible
  2. An Address on the Second Coming
  3. An Address on the Holy Spirit
  4. The Two Natures
  5. The So-Called Lord's Prayer
  6. Spiritual Growth
  7. A Friend in Need
  8. Unhesitating Confidence
  9. A New Name
  10. The Indwelling Presence
  11. Abiding in Christ
  12. Consecration of Ability
  13. The Sabbath
  14. Genesis: Fourth and Fifth
  15. The Story of Eliezer and the Bride
  16. The Story of Joseph
  17. The Unrent Veil
  18. The Rent Veil
  19. A Golden Bell and a Pomegranate
  20. The Story of Two Birds
  21. The Present or Holy Ghost Age
  22. The Times of the Restitution of All Things
  23. The Book of Jeremiah
  24. The Church
  25. Some Studies in the Book of Ruth
  26. John XI and John XII
  27. The "Imminent" Coming of Christ
  28. The Syrophenician Woman
  29. The Leaven
  30. Seven Things About Lot
  31. Four Judgments
  32. The Two-Fold Coming
  33. A Bible Reading on Christians
  34. Oneness of Christ and His People
  35. Man's Ruin, God's Remedy
  36. Law and Gospel
  37. The Rod and the Rock
  38. The Rod that Budded
  39. Outlines of Prophesy
  40. Of Whom I am Chief
  41. Earthly Things
  42. Moses
  43. Paul
  44. The Delicate Seal and the Day of Redemption
  45. Meet for the Master's Use

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