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"SwordSearcher is to the Bible what Firefox is to the web. I've never seen such attention to detail as it pertains to the user experience."

Nathan Smith, Web Developer

"I am a daily user of SwordSearcher. It is my preferred Bible program because of its ease of use and speed. The copy and paste feature with the various options and formats, works extremely well. The scan text for verse references feature is very useful for reading Blogs and quickly checking the Scripture references."

Malcolm Harris

"SwordSearcher is my primary study tool. I use it, as a pastor, to prepare at least three to four message per week. SwordSearcher saves me HOURS and DAYS of wandering through written volumes to find specific information. I love its simple, but effective interface."

Pastor Ralph Brown

"I love the commentary, search helps, and most of all the 1828 Webster's Dictionary. This is still the best program I have ever had. I love it."

Steve Gifford

"I am a Pastor and I use the program for all aspects of ministry. I use it to study, to look up the original terms and to reference concordances on particular passages. I also do a great deal of cutting in pasting in preparing lessons for distribution to those attending our Sunday Morning Bible Class and our Thursday Evening Bible Study. I also use the program to provide the Scripture for responses on blogs and other forums."

Pastor Wesley J. Roy II

"SwordSearcher really helps with my studies."

Dave MacFarlane

"I have been actively using SwordSearcher for years now, and it is a very wonderful aid in studying God's word. It saves me so much time not having to lug out my big old Strong's concordance anymore."

Elizabeth Young

"I have used your software for years, and it has been very helpful in my ministry. Thanks for a great product."

Herman Hass

"I enjoy using the commentary section when beginning my studies. I also find the books and dictionaries quite useful when attempting to understand words, find places, or get a better handle on items discussed in passages I am studying. The word/phrase search is wonderful."

Pastor Robert Ross, Heritage Baptist Church

"I am a Pastor and have found SwordSearcher invaluable in my personal studies, Bible studies and message preparation. My favorite feature has to be the flexibility of scripture lookup."

Pastor John Battista

"It has been a big time saver. SwordSearcher is a blessing!"

Gloria Thomas

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