McClintock and Strong Cyclopedia

McClintock and Strong Cyclopedia, 12 Volumes

The Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological, and Ecclesiastical Literature is wider in scope than most Bible dictionaries and topical guides.

Edited by John McClintock and James Strong, the Cyclopedia contains almost 50,000 entries on:

  • Biblical literature
    • Every proper name in the Bible
    • Every animal, plant, mineral, or other object mentioned or alluded to in the Bible
    • Topical/theological treatments
    • Places
    • More
  • Theological literature
    • Christian doctrines and history thereof
    • Creeds
    • Heresies
    • Important non-Christian religions
  • Biography
    • Reformers, saints, martyrs, evangelists, rabbis, and significant heretics
    • Brief sketches of eminent preachers of every "branch" of the Church
  • Ecclesiastical terms and usages
    • Rites, Ceremonies, Rituals, Modes of Worship, etc.

Regarded as a very useful work in print, as a SwordSearcher book module it becomes much more so. In SwordSearcher, the entire 12-volume encyclopedia is thoroughly indexed by verse reference. With SwordSearcher's unique "deep referencing" and Verse Guide, you can instantly access any article by verse in addition to title.

From the Prospectus for the work:

"This Cyclopedia is designed to be a Manual of Sacred Literature for the use of Ministers, Students, General Readers, and Sunday School Libraries so complete in itself that no other work will be necessary for ordinary purposes of reference in these branches of knowledge. It is intended to be scientific and scholarly, yet not repulsive to the mere English reader by an unnecessary display of technical learning. It will be found that the substance of all the valuable Dictionaries of the Bible and of theology in its various branches recently issued is contained in this work."

Originally published in 10 volumes with two supplemental volumes by Harper & Brothers, NY, 1880, combined into a single SwordSearcher book module.

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