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"I have found this to be very instrumental in my studies and have recommended SwordSearcher to many students."

David R. Watkins

"Thank you so much for this program. I am an evangelist and I use SwordSearcher all the time as a tool in my study and sermon preparation."

Benny Helms

"I use it most every day in helping to make my sermon and Sunday school lessons."

Elder Bob Clarke

"I have really enjoyed SwordSearcher and use it every day. My favorite feature is the editor and the ability to create my own commentaries and books."

Darrell Laddusaw

"One of my favorite features is the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge. I use every time I read."

Sandy Pickard

"The whole system is very user friendly and makes study very pleasant and quick. I have been using and recommending SwordSearcher for many years."

John Heiermann

"I use your software every day. The right-click menu is extremely helpful in finding information in places where I wouldn't normally look. In short, SwordSearcher is a very valuable tool."

Keith Barron

"I use SwordSearcher as my primary study program in preparing Bible messages and teaching lessons. SwordSearcher is such a blessing to me as it puts all of the helpful tools literally at my fingertips, from Strong's to the dictionaries and some of the best commentaries that are out there. I recommend SwordSearcher to anyone that is looking for a top notch Bible Study program and am very pleased with it."

Pastor Paul Page

"SwordSearcher is amazing... a great experience studying the Word of God with so much ease and cross-linked references."

Jun Salonga

"I like the search features and the vast amount of reference material in SwordSearcher. I use it every week for verses to use in our church bulletin. I have installed it on my netbook as well, to use in Bible group study. SwordSearcher is a great value."

Larry Pratt

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