Rightly Dividing the Word

Rightly Dividing the Word by Larkin

Rightly Dividing the Word, by Clarence Larkin, is a concise overview of the fundamental doctrines of the Bible according to a premillennial, dispensational perspective.

Larkin began his work on Rightly Dividing after completing Dispensational Truth, in an attempt to make an introductory book on the subject.

The Author started to prepare an "A B C" book to introduce his larger Work on "DISPENSATIONAL TRUTH," but after writing and condensing several times he felt led to abandon that idea and to prepare a book on "Rightly Dividing the Word," in which the "Fundamental Doctrines" should be "Rightly Divided" in a series of contrasts. The "Fundamental Doctrines" of the Christian Faith are clearly outlined in numerous books on Theology, but they are not available to the average reader and were mainly written for students. The Author has made it the work of his ministry to preach the "Fundamental Doctrines." To this end he has aimed to express them in the simplest and clearest manner possible. This book contains the cream and meat of his sermons for over thirty-five years, condensed and arranged in a form that will grip and interest the reader, because of the manner of their presentation. The Charts are clear and simple and add much to the value of the book, and will be suggestive to Preachers and Bible Teachers in presenting the "Fundamentals."

-From the Foreword.

Charts and illustrations from Rightly Dividing the Word

Larkin is famous for his painstakingly designed charts and illustrations which accompanied his Bible commentary and teaching. SwordSearcher includes all 55 of the illustrations from Rightly Dividing the Word.

Rightly Dividing is easy to read and is divided into the following chapters:

  1. Rightly Dividing the Word
  2. Ages and Dispensations
  3. Jew and Gentile
  4. Church and Kingdom
  5. The Four Gospels
  6. The Two Advents
  7. The Spirit World
  8. Satan
  9. The Satanic Trinity
  10. The Mystery of Godliness and the Mystery of Iniquity
  11. Resurrection of Jesus
  12. The Resurrections
  13. The Judgments
  14. The Two Adams
  15. Atonement and Redemption
  16. Sin and Salvation
  17. Law and Grace
  18. Faith and Works
  19. The Two Natures
  20. Standing and State
  21. Regeneration and Baptism
  22. Election and Free Will
  23. The Reciprocal Indwelling of Christ and the Believer
  24. The Threefold Work of Christ
  25. Christ Our Passover
  26. Heaven and Hell
  27. Judaism and Christianity
  28. The Circles of the Christian Life
  29. Palace Beautiful

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