Romans: Verse by Verse

Romans Verse by Verse

Romans: Verse by Verse, by William R. Newell, is a detailed commentary on the book of Romans that is both practical and devotional.

  • Focused exposition on Pauline gospel of grace.
  • Scholarly and analytical without being confusing and long-winded.
  • Copious footnotes, including information on the historical context of the passages.
  • Difficult passages are thoroughly examined rather than ignored or explained away.

"We dare not glory in a man, not even in Paul, whose life and ministry are by far the most remarkable of those of any human being. Yet our Lord Jesus said: "He that receiveth whomsoever I send receiveth Me; and he that receiveth Me receiveth him that sent Me" (Joh 13:20). And Paul was especially sent to us Gentiles."

-William R. Newell, commentary on Romans 1.

Additionally, Newell's The Spiritual Order of Paul's Epistles is part of SwordSearcher's Harmonies and Chronologies.

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Module type: Commentary
Module abbreviation: Romans

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