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"I use SwordSearcher as a one-location resource for my study. Having all the study resources I use in one easily accessible place allows me more time for actual study because those resources can be called up instantly."

William Bracey

"I was introduced to SwordSearcher by a missionary friend of mine over 5 years ago and I love it. I really like the cursor-over feature for the verses and commentaries."

Steve Kilpatrick

"I'm an Associate Pastor, soon to be a Pastor of a small congregation. I have used SwordSearcher over the past several years and wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. I'm impressed and grateful that you have made a product of such quality affordable."

Ronald Gill

"It is user-friendly and fast. I can get right away what I need."

Sammy Tabuena

"I figure that I study ten times faster with SwordSearcher than with a Bible and commentary in hand. Its interesting... I don't study less than I used to (even though I get so much more accomplished), I actually study more!"

Bud Smith

"Almost all of my Bible reading is done on my laptop or desktop on SwordSearcher."

Cory Fournier

"My favorite features are: when I hover over a verse reference, SwordSearcher shows verses before and after the target verse; I really like the 'Scan Text for Verse References' and use it a lot; The Bible and book cloning ability are nice. And I certainly can't leave out all the different and powerful search capabilities. I use SwordSearcher daily."

Jimmy Ross

"You have an OUTSTANDING PRODUCT! Thank you!"

Pastor Paul A. Little

"In-depth Bible study is something I have deeply enjoyed all of my adult life. Your program was recommended to me by one of my pastors. The program is easy to use. I find it a great tool in my study of the Bible."

Lucie Bryant

"SwordSearcher is convenient and it has aided me in studying the Bible, organizing my study notes, and it has benefited me greatly in Bible college."

Michael P. Sheahan

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