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"I think SwordSearcher's user extensibility is fantastic. I love the way my personal books and notes just fit right into the totality of SwordSearcher as if they were part of the original package. They are easy to edit, are included in all searches, are highlighted when you are on a related verse, etc. Over time, as those books become fuller and fuller, it adds so much to my studies because I don't 'lose' notes and important things I recorded a long time ago—they keep popping up in various studies because everything is so interconnected. That is extremely valuable."

Jerry Foster

"I like the highlight feature and the ability to undock panels and keep them open while cross-referencing. I also like that I have the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge right there and can quickly jump to similar verses."

Kristen Burgess

"I use SwordSearcher daily. My favorite feature is the search function. It enables me to find scripture quickly."

Diana Ward

"I use SwordSearcher for in-depth Bible Study; I can review commentaries and dictionaries so quickly. I love the search power."

Andrew Hoey

"I have used SwordSearcher for many years now. I am a pastor, web master, and writer. I use SwordSearcher daily in writing articles, commentaries, and preparing sermons. It is the best Bible software I have found and I have in the past used about five of them. I only use SwordSearcher now. I regularly recommend SwordSearcher to friends and other pastors."

Pastor Cooper P. Abrams III

"I use SwordSearcher constantly in sermon and teaching preparation. SwordSearcher is instant information."

Herschel Carlson

"Not only do I appreciate the feature-rich software, I equally appreciate your personal service and regard for your clients."

Joe Holder

"The benefits I receive from SwordSearcher are priceless. I get a library of knowledge that would take years to read and pull out to use, in a matter of minutes."

Damien Salazar

"The chief tool I use is the broad spectrum [full library] search, it is great to see all the commentaries listed immediately. SwordSearcher saves me a lot of time."

Pastor Mike Walworth

"I use SwordSearcher for my own private Bible study, and also for preparing messages for my local church and also for preparing group Bible study material. I particularly like the way it is linked together so that you don't have to open many different components to relate them to each other. Also, I like the flexibility and power of the search interface."

Paul Knight

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