Quick tip: Switch to Concordance View in search results

SwordSearcher 8 has two view modes for Bible search results. The default mode, called full view, shows complete verses with search results highlighted. This is usually exactly what you want, but there is another way of viewing search results that you may want to use on occasion, called Concordance View.

Concordance View screen shot
Verse List showing Bible search results in Concordance View mode.

To switch to Concordance View, just click the Concordance View toggle button in the toolbar.

The layout of Concordance View is similar to a printed Bible concordance, with each match from the search shown on a single line.

Although the normal Full View mode shows more, Concordance View has some advantages:

  • It is easier to locate a single verse out of a large set of results, if you think you will recognize it just by its placement in the verse.
  • All matches are shown in a single page.
  • Each match in a verse is shown on its own line (see the asterisk lines in the above picture).
  • Complex search results with overlapping matches can be easier to understand in Concordance View.

Holding the mouse pointer over a line will present a pop-up preview of the entire verse. Clicking the line will open the verse in the Bible panel. Concordance View has mostly the same options on the right-click pop-up menu as Full View mode.

Verse Widgets are visible in Concordance View. If you would like to turn them off to have more space for the search results, you can do so in File, Preferences under Verse List Defaults.

Quick tip: Assign a keyboard shortcut to your favorite module

Get to your favorite modules fast in SwordSearcher 8 by assigning them keyboard shortcuts. It’s easy to do!

Go to File, Preferences and Settings, and click Module Shortcuts.

The Module Shortcuts configuration window in SwordSearcher
The Module Shortcuts configuration window in SwordSearcher

From here, all you need to do is click “New Shortcut” to select a module and create a keyboard shortcut for the module.

Adding a module shortcut
Adding a module shortcut

So, what can you do with module shortcuts?

  • From the main window, you can type your shortcut to instantly make the module active and focused, regardless of what modules were visible.
  • You can use the shortcut to select the module from any of the “drop-down module selectors” throughout SwordSearcher.
  • Pretty much anywhere the module shortcut “makes sense” it can be used.

This is just one more way you can customize the SwordSearcher experience to make it faster to do what you want to get done.