SwordSearcher 9.1 Released

Screen shot of the newly enhanced Topic and Verse Guide in SwordSearcher 9.1

SwordSearcher version 9.1 is now available!

Current users of SwordSearcher can upgrade at a discount here. Read below for the details or visit the Upgrade FAQ for more information.

New modules:

  • James Hastings’ Great Texts of the Bible (commentary) [jhTexts], 1910-1914. A 20 volume work of extensive topical and expository content.
  • Lange’s Commentary on the Holy Scriptures [Lange], 1871-1899. A 63 volume commentary translated into English under the supervision of Philip Schaff. This commentary is presented in a “chapter-based” format to preserve the flow and intent of the author.

Enhanced Topic and Verse Guide:

  • Added new preview pane to the Topic and Verse Guide. This is a big time-saver and study-flow efficiency enhancement!
  • The preview pane shows the content of items as you click on them in the results, without having to change your positions and navigation history in the main Commentary and Book panels.
  • The preview pane can be toggled on or off and this setting is remembered between sessions.
  • If the preview pane is visible, double-clicking an item will cause it to load in the main viewer, or you can click the heading in the preview pane. (Ctrl+Click will open the entry in a clone panel.)

Other enhancements:

  • Added “Line Height” setting to Preferences, Fonts and Colors. This allows for fine-tuning the text density in the Bible, Book, and Commentary panels. This setting replaces the old “Optimize line height for touch” setting.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for rotating tabs. Ctrl+Alt+Left and Ctrl+Alt+Right. Using this when a Bible, Book, or Commentary panel is focused will rotate through relevant open tabs in the panel.
  • Added “Open in Topic Guide” button to Verse Guide Panel.
  • Improved initial start-up time.
  • Reduced memory and resource consumption.


  • Fixed a potential crash in the Topic Guide after deleting a user module.
  • fixed a rare condition where a crash could occur when closing a panel or the application before the text was finished loading.
  • fixed: clicking a link in a clone panel that was not active/focused would sometimes ignore the link click until it was clicked a second time.
  • fixed Clear Bookmark function not updating bookmark menu captions immediately.
  • fixed right-click menu of Image Viewer tree (left panel) not appearing
  • fixed: disabling all toolbars and then restarting causes the empty space for the toolbar to show.
  • Other stability improvements and minor bug fixes.

Included from previous hotfix releases:

  • Added audio Bible timing support for the latest 128kb and 192kb voice-only Scourby.com mp3 files (2021).
  • Added audio Bible timing support for an Max McLean Listener’s Bible from christianaudio
  • Fixed a potential crash when importing invalid reading plan templates.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when changing color modes from the main View menu.
  • Fixed possible error condition when trying to clone a user book panel from an empty user book
  • Fixed possible error when setting active verse or currently narrated verse visual style (background color)
  • Fixed possible error when saving user module
  • Fixed bookmarks and clone panels not always properly restoring scroll position on systems using a comma as a decimal separator
  • Fixed an issue with verse autopaste (Ctrl+Alt+V)
  • Fixed: if a bookmark was set from the main Bookmarks menu (invoking dialog), the bookmark menu item caption wouldn’t update until the next time SwordSearcher was started.
  • Fixed mouse wheel not scrolling tree view in Images viewer
  • Fixed clone panel content links sometimes not resolving to the correct module.
  • Fixed: in the editor, a manually created href link could cause the program to freeze when switching to the code editor if it was missing a closing quotation mark.
  • Fixed: Minor UI issues
  • Other minor enhancements.